What is the CBS-one cashback system?

Greetings! 🤗 In this post, we will tell you what the CBS-one cashback system is.

💎 The CBS-one project is a unique, decentralized ecosystem. The goal of the project is to create a single platform for the purchase, storage, and exchange of cryptocurrency and a convenient multi-currency cashback service.

💎 The cashback system is a useful and extremely pleasant function of a payment card. It allows its holder to return part of the money spent. You pay by card, and as a payment for loyalty, a small percentage of the amount of each purchase is returned to you.

💎 Thanks to the fact that CBS-One Pte Ltd entered into a strategic partnership with CYFRON CAPITAL OU, CBS-One project participants received the right to cashback up to 25% on each purchase.

💎 You will receive pleasant bonuses for storing each CBS-one token you will receive 6 CBS-cash tokens per month, each with a face value of 0.01 USDT. You pay a commission of 50% for money transfers, conversion, and other services on your own exchange at the expense of accrued CBS-cash. It is also possible to exchange cashback for other digital assets and fiat inside your own crypto wallet. Buying cryptocurrency directly from owners without overpayments and exchanging it for fiat. Storing digital assets without the risk of inflation in their own cryptocurrency wallet with access to 50+ popular cryptocurrencies.

💎 The liquidity of CBS-cash will be backed by a reserve fund. It will be replenished as a result of the implementation of the strategy for the international expansion of the cashback service.

⚡️Use the full range of services of the CBS-One project and you are guaranteed to increase your income! ⚡️