The differences between CBS-one and CBS-cash tokens

Hello, community! 👋🏻 Today, we will tell you about the differences between CBS-one and CBS-cash tokens.

🔗 The CBS-one project uses its own blockchain, which is built on the basis of the most advanced technology platform #EOS. This will simplify the use of cryptocurrency and increase the exchange rate using crypto solutions. A crypto wallet with a plastic card peg will be developed. The system will work with CBS-one, #Mastercard, #UnionPay and #VISA platform tokens.

🧩 The CBS-one #ecosystem is based on two token utilities, CBS-one and CBS-cash, which have different purposes and perform different functions:

💎 CBS-one token is basic and in essence gives the right to own the power of the blockchain network. When storing CBS-one #tokens, users regularly receive CBS-cash tokens. The initial issue of the token will be 1 billion tokens (excluding bonuses). The exchange rate at the start of CBS-one is equal to the face value of 1 USDT. Further, the cost is determined by the market. For storage of 1 CBS-one token, each user is guaranteed to receive 6 CBS-cash tokens (par value 0.01 USDT) per month.

💎 CBS-cash token allows you to pay commissions for conversions and transfers of cryptocurrencies with maximum discounts. The company conducts a buyback of CBS-cash, trying to maintain its rate stable at 1 cent. The token can be used to access the company’s services (crypto exchange, cashback service, crypto wallet and transfers. The mechanism and commission for using the project services is under development).

  • 🏆 Advantages of CBS-cash token:

  • 🔹 exchange for other digital assets inside your CBS-One wallet;

  • 🔹 the right to receive an increased cashback, up to 25%;

  • 🔹 payment of all internal services and fees within the ecosystem;

  • 🔹 the right to access training at a partner company’s trading school.

🔥 Become a member of the unique multi-currency cash-back system CBS-One and pay anywhere where there are MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa!