Benefits for members of the CBS-One cashback system

Greetings! 👋🏻 Today we will tell you about the benefits of the CBS-One multi-currency cashback system for its participants.

  • 🏆 CBS-One multicurrency cashback system participants have the following advantages:

  • 💎 They can buy cryptocurrency directly from the owners without overpayments and exchange it for fiat.

  • 💎 The ability to receive a commission. For the storage of each CBS-one token, participants receive 6 CBS-cash tokens per month (par value of 0.01 USDT).

  • 💎 Shop. Pay wherever MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa payment systems operate.

  • 💎 Participants will receive increased cashback. When purchasing goods, up to 25% of their value is returned!

  • 💎 They can store digital assets without the risk of inflation in their own cryptocurrency wallet with access to over 50 popular cryptocurrencies.

  • 💎 The ability to pay a commission of -50% for money transfers, conversion, and other services on your own exchange from the accrued CBS-cash.

  • 💎 The opportunity to learn from the best traders of the exchange in the trading school of a partner company.

  • 💎 Participants have the opportunity to exchange cashback for other digital assets and fiat inside their own cryptocurrency wallet.

❗️ Become a member of the unique multi-currency cashback system CBS-One and take full advantage of it! 🔥