Advantages of CBS-cash

Greetings!🤗 In this post, we will tell you about the CBS-cash token and its advantages.

🔗 The CBS-one project uses its own blockchain, which is built on the basis of the most advanced technology platform EOS, which will simplify the use of cryptocurrency and increase the exchange rate using crypto solutions. CBS-one is also developing a crypto wallet with a plastic card link.

📊 At the heart of the CBS-one ecosystem are two token utilities: CBS-one and CBS-cash. While the CBS-one token is basic and gives the right to own the power of the blockchain network, the CBS-cash token allows you to pay commissions for conversions and transfers of cryptocurrencies with maximum discounts. The CBS-cash token can be used to access the following company services:

  • 🔹 crypto exchange

  • 🔹 cashback service

  • 🔹 crypto wallet

  • 🔹 transitions

⚙️ CBS-cash basic principles

🔺 The company’s task is to maintain the cost of CBS exchange at the level of 0.01 USDT. CBS-cash will be issued monthly on certain days and accrued in the form of a commission to the holders of the main token (CBS-one) subject to token staking (storing tokens in the Ecosystem wallet).

🔺 The liquidity of CBS-cash will be backed by a reserve fund. It will be replenished as a result of the implementation of the strategy for the international expansion of the cashback service. On third-party exchanges, the cost of CBS-cash is determined by the market. The task of the partner company traders is to stabilize the CBS-cash rate as close as possible to 1 CBS-cash = 0.01 USDT.

  • 🏆 Advantages of CBS-cash:

  • 🔹 exchange for other digital assets inside your CBS-One wallet,

  • 🔹 the right to receive an increased cashback, up to 25%

  • 🔹 payment of all internal services and fees within the ecosystem,

  • 🔹 the right to access training at a partner company’s trading school.

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  • Benefits of #CBS-cash:

  • 🔹 exchange for other assets inside the #CBSOne wallet,

  • 🔹 increased #cashback, up to 25%

  • 🔹 payment of all internal services and ecosystem commissions

  • 🔹 access to training at partner company’s #trading school